Teaching Graphic Design the Easy Way

Since the Covid-19 started, we all moved to virtual learning session. From my teaching experience I decided to teach students from all over the world on graphic design.

On the first batch I had 15 amazing students who put their effort. Total 12 classes together. 24 hours of class. A great learning process.

Design Masterclass Promo

I created a landing page and everyone signed up using the google form. From there I contacted everyone and made sure everyone understand their project perfectly.

The aim was to create a design journey for the students and make them prepare to start earning on the freelance market.

I had two batches of students and beside that also had 2 individual students batch. Altogether I taught 40 students on the GDEW course.

It was a wonderful experience teaching students on their interests. They learned a lot and they enjoyed the new design experience too.

Students from Batch 01

My students joined from Bangladesh, USA, Germany, Poland and Malaysia. Few of them started earning 1 month after the class started. While creating the class I also made around 100 videos of tutorials.

A great experience overall. I enjoyed the time working with the young learners and understood the current design trend on the learning society.

One of my tutorial

I plan to launch courses on Udemy or Skillshare next as part of my teaching journey. Hope to reach there someday.

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