Hi, I am Mahmud
I help transforming ideas into intuitive experiences

UI/UX and Product designer with 5+ years hands on experiences in the field of fintech, finance, project management, e-learning and data visualization. 

Companies I have worked with

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The journey of an intuitive homepage design of a SaaS

📌 Case Study
Industry: Energy
Role: UI/UX Designer

Case Studies

A done for you food delivery app management system with multi feature payment

📌 Case Study

Validating a user centric features using A/B testing with Specific KPI and learning

📌 A/B Testing

Dashboard management based on the UX of the user in the leading energy industry

📌 Redesign

An atomic design system approach for project management software

📌 Design System

New gamers acquisition solution with voice recognition

📌 Concept Design

The climate change awareness app

📌 Concept Design

Entrepreneurs idea development solution

📌 Concept Design

Water drinking reminder IOT solution

📌 Concept Design

The new experience of living with AirBNB

📌 Concept Design

COVID- Contact Tracing e-Solution

📌 Redesign

My UX Journey - A Podcast Experience Series 📹

About Me

Hello there, thanks for stopping by to know me little bit more. I call myself a design enthusiast, strong communicator, motivational and problem solver.  My passion in designing has always helped me to grow more and stay curious in the field of product design. I have done my masters in UX design at Kingston University, London. I have worked in several B2B companies over the last 5 years. 

Besides my own learning journey I have mentored over 300+ students about UX and product design. I believe that knowledge has no value if it is not shared. This is why I love sharing my knowledge about product design and UX journey to all. 

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