Hi there, Its me again!

I would always describe myself as a creative thinker, a passionate designer and an industrious mentor. Over the last 10 I have worked with multiple companies around Malaysia, Singapore, Cyprus, USA, UK. I gained my interest on User Experience design after starting my career as customer support. I faced clients showing their pain points on design and started questioning how I can solve the problems.

With the interest in design, I completed my Master’s in User Experience design to gain more theoretical knowledge on end to end design. It has helped enormously as I used my experience to teach multiple students as a Teaching Assistant. Over years, I’ve worked on a diverse set of projects, working from research to production, that include iOS, Android, web, SaaS, B2B, B2C, user research, data visualisation, art direction and marketing design. 

Organisation/Brands I have worked with

The Amazing People

Through out my career I have met some wonderful people who have played a significant role from mentoring to learning. Working with people in different parts of the world has given me a better understanding and empathy.

Also, I have learned how people love to solve daily challenges. I have adopted the agile methodology of learning and working which has given me a lot of confidence in managing groups and mentoring.  

Dayshape Meetup
UX Conference Edinburgh

Travelling & Sports

Travelling has always been one of the key things that I have always cherished. It has helped me to diversify the knowledge of understanding other people culture and norms. Besides travelling I have been a true fan of Football and Cricket. I have always enjoyed playing from friendly to professional levels. From school where I started showing interest sports to where ever I have been, I have always found sports as one of the key thing that makes me happy. So if you would like to talk about sports over a cup of coffee give me a shout. 🙂

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