Zima - New gamers acquisition solution with voice recognition

During the Covid-19 lockdown period I took part in the Adobe Creative Jam contest and designed this app. The goal was to motivate adults to play games during their free time. A voice recognition system was used on this app which guides the user to be attracted on playing different type of games. It gathers data from the user and suggests multiple game option to play.

The problem

The Covid-19 pandemic time was very difficult for the humankind. We all fell like trapped at home for months after months. It was the time when people found a lot of free times to spend at home. There was an increasing rate of people were using digital device as well as gaming. People who are new to gaming got very interested. However the challenge was in timing. They did not want to spend endless hours into it. We tried to find an easy solution how an app can help them suggesting the games they can play within the time they have.  

The users

We have focus on three categories of user in the focus group. The main attributes is someone who is new into gaming. The others are listed below with details. 

1. Jane – A mother of 3 kids, she wants to start gaming so that she can participate with her children.
2. Eli – A middle aged adult who likes the idea of gaming, but has very limited patient. 
3. Maureen – An elderly lady who is bored during the lockdown and had a thought of playing games. 

The painponits

As this was a concept generative case studies, we tried to mockup how this idea will look. The main pain points of the users that we imagined are they want to start gaming but they have limited time and also do not want to fall into the big sea of gaming. 

The voice recognition feature

As the core group of the users are of a certain age and not a mobile power user, we have decided to use the voice recognition feature which would help the user to speak to the app and let the app guide them. The reason behind using it was to get the user introduced to a technology which will involve less interacting with hands and more with voice. 

The prototype

(This prototype was built in Adobe XD. As Adobe XD has been discontinued, some of the features may not run. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am working to make a transition of this prototype to Figma. Will soon update it. Thank you)

The learning

This was quite an exciting and knowledge sharing experience for me. I got the chance to present my project infront of 500 other community people and got a lot of appreciation. I understood how voice recognition can help users navigating different areas easily and how different other ways of UX impacts a product. If you would like to know more, drop me an email to mahmud.khairul@gmail.com and I would love to share more 🙂

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